June, July and August!!!

Post date: May 21, 2009 6:25:55 PM

June, July and August!!

The summer is the most important time of year for a Nordic skier. I’m going to quote my high school coach and in my opinion one of the very best coaches in the country HF-L’s Bernie Gardner.

“There are three things that determine how successful a high school athlete will be the following year June, July and August!!!”

I cannot agree more with Bernie. June, July and August is when the biggest gains are to be made for the high school athlete and in most cases elite athletes as well. The day’s are long, energy is high and it seems a lot easier to get out of bed and go train. It is also the only time of year that the high school athlete is actually able to train!! They are not running four events twice a week at a track meet or playing three games a week (A major problem with our development in the US in my opinion!!) The athletes are able to get some quality hours under there belt and build a base that will hopefully be able to carry them through the intervals and races that the season will bring.

With that being said I’m excited to say that the R.N.R summer program is filling up fast!! I think there are 2-3 spots left!! This summer’s group will feature familiar faces and some exciting new additions! Only 10 day’s until we get going! I’m ready to rock and roll and I think the athletes are as well. Some of them won’t be able to start on June 1st but that’s not a bad thing because a delayed start means that they are killing it on the track and advancing through the gauntlet of championship races that make up the road to the NY State meet at CNS! Good Luck to them!

Another bit of information that I would like to pass along to you is the opportunity to join two former New York State Skiers at there camp in Vermont. Tim Weston (Fairport) and Justin Beckwith are the coaches at GMVS and are heading up a couple of camps this year on campus. Justin and Tim are both great guys and are exceptional coaches! Both coach for the New England JO team and Justin was the head coach for this years US Ski Team J1 Scando Trip!! You can see a brochure at:


If you have any questions about the camp you can visit the GMVS blog or e-mail me and I can help you out.

Get out the door and MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!!!!!!