Where are YOU at???

Post date: Jun 7, 2009 1:01:12 PM

We did our first baseline test of the year on Wednesday. It was not only a chance to get some information on everyone but it was also a chance to remind ourselves what it feels like to hurt. The test also provided the opportunity to fight those mental battles that are so common in Nordic Skiing providing that line that needs to be crossed to be good, to be great, to be a skier!!!

The test consisted of a mile run on rolling terrain (give or take a few meters) followed shortly after by the following strength test Dips, Sit-Ups, Push-Ups, Step-Ups, and Pull Ups in that order. The protocol for the test was that each athlete would do as many repetitions as they could in 1-min get a 1-min rest and then as many repetitions as they could in 1-min again! This not only test overall strength but muscle recovery and muscle endurance. The title of the post is Where are you at?? Well here are the results so you know where your at!

Name Mile Time Dips Sit-Ups Push-Ups Step-Ups Pull-Ups

A.S 5:56 31/15 30/32 29/16 63/40 7

R.L 5:36 49/35 43/40 30/15 48/52 6

D.H 6:27 50/30 40/40 38/17 44/48 8

S.Z 6:22 57/32 50/33 40/25 45/48 15

J.H 5:20 52/35 49/43 36/19 38/42 13

C.D 5:46 88/62 70/58 60/35 49/52 18

D.D 6:08 67/36 55/36 41/17 52/44 9

M.M 5:39 61/40 68/49 42/25 34/39 9

K.D 7:02 34/24 49/46 35/24 42/41 6

A.C 6:42 26/8 53/50 27/25 46/50 5

Here is a picture of Chad, He posted some of the top performances during the test! He was not kidding about using his Iron Gym!! As you can tell we are all about getting back to the basics. You don't need a gym membership to do pull-ups all you need is a branch, swing-set or in our case a 2x6 beam! Don't make excuses!

Get Out and Get After It!!!