Summer Program

Comp Team: 

Comp Team- Designed for J2-U23 ski racers competing at the regional and junior national level. The training focus includes endurance, ski specific strength, speed, agility, power, balance, mobility and flexibility. Technique will be an emphasis and will be an on-going project throughout the summer. Video analysis will be utilized to address specific skier’s needs. This program will provide a solid platform towards continued excellence at the high school and collegiate level.

The program will meet twice a week (Monday and Wednesday)

Their will also be specific weekends where we would travel as a team to Mid-Atlantic sponsored camps for those athletes that are interested.

Prep Team:

Prep Team- Designed for J3-J1 athletes competing at the local level with little or no previous roller ski experience. The program will mirror that of the Comp Team in a developmentally appropriate setting. The goal of the Prep Team is to facilitate athlete’s transition to the Comp Team.  

The program will meet twice a week (Monday and Wednesday)  

Their will also be specific weekends where we would travel as a team to Mid-Atlantic sponsored camps for those athletes that are interested.

Devo Team:

Devo Team- Designed for J3-J1 athletes who have little to no prior roller skiing experience. The devo or development program provides a developmentally appropriate setting for beginner roller skiers to become conformable on roller skis, refine technique, learn basic training theories and ideas, as well as providing a base of fitness to build upon in the future.  

This summers camps are still being finalized and as I know more I will let you know!


What the program covers:

The majority of our practices will take place at Mendon Ponds Park meeting at the bathing beach parking lot. The majority of our weekend practices will meet in the parking lot located at the base of Bristol Mountain. 

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Any questions regarding the summer program can be directed to 

Cost $500.00 per athlete. Each athlete must also have a NYSSRA Nordic License *License is available each year prior to June 1st for that seasons calendar year. 2023-24 NYSSRA Membership

Discounts !!! 25% off for a 2nd  child from the same family. 50% off for a 3rd child from the same family.  Example 1st child $500  2nd child $375  3rd child $250  as well as those families on a need basis. For any inquiries in to family discounts please contact me. 

College Athlete Discount: Senior Year HS to Freshman Year of College $400. Freshman Year to Sophomore Year of College $200 Sophomore Year to Junior Year of College $100 any participation after Junior year of college is no charge. *College athletes will be required to lead a minimum of 1 workout each summer and or lead a practice for RXCSF Bill Koch athletes. *** To receive the college athlete discount the athlete has to have had to participate in the summer program for a minimum of 1 year prior to receiving the discounting***    

Summer Registration 2023 Registration

NYSSRA / RNR Waiver:  2023 Waiver 

If you need to order rollerskis or other equipment you can do that directly through use coupon code JasonVIP3 at checkout to receive the team discount.  I would recommend wheel speed #2 for all rollerskis.